GG Couples Throughout the Ages: Blair Edition (Part 1)

After the finale I began to think about the GG couples. Actually it really began when I saw the clip of Dan talking to Blair about “signs”. Yes, the fact that it was Dan Humphrey that gave me an idea frightens even me.  But the fact that I started to overanalyze didn’t.

I started to think of my OTP and then pairings in general, like a full range of pairing. Anyone that could possibly be linked to: Blair, Chuck, Serena, Nate, Dan, etc. I thought of them. Of course I couldn’t include everyone, like some of the smaller parts or minions; no sadly Gossip Girl herself didn’t make the list either (mostly due to the fact that she really doesn’t have a face on the show).  I was inclining to use some of the minions because they had their reign and it ended, especially the older ones i.e. Hazel, Penelope, Isobel, Katy.  It just made no sense to bring them up at this point in the show.

Then I asked Je t’adore for advice. Thank so much bb, because she has much input as I do on this.

Ok so I have to mention this: this idea (of this post) was floating around before the season finale so I had to rethink some couples again. Ok it was only Chenny because up until season finale the pair was in the realm of AU couples.  Anyways, I lost my train of thought for a second.

Let’s begin with Blair and the guys she’s been coupled with: (Officially)

Chuck: We are to assume that at this point in the series that Chuck is her true love. And after everything that they been through and are still going through, we are still to assume that they are the endgame. I’m going to go on a limb and say Josh and Co assume that we forgive Chuck because of these assumptions. And you know what they say about the word assume: It’ll make an ass-out-of-u-and-me.

It’s like at this point what could make Chuck redeemable? Please tell me. Chair was the shows OTP, and to destroy the way they did. But that’s a story for another time. Chair had a certain quality that made people ship them, it started off as a game of Cat and Mouse but they became more than that. They were Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck, the Waldass (thank you puppet!Chair Please refer to: urbanlapixie YouTube Channel for puppet Gossip Girl season 2).

Help me understand why they would go out of there way and kill these two (not literally, maybe Chuck thought)?  I really regret saying the following:

“Because somewhere in my brain/heart I secretly love, love angst a little more than fluff from time to time. Besides if two people are destine to be together they will end up together regardless of what stands in their way.” (Shameless plug to one of my FF, lol)

Like that just literally came back to haunt me.

Nate: This was another big relationship for Blair because he was her first boyfriend/love. They way they handle this couple on this show was almost as bad as Darena. They were probably worst. How is that possible you ask? Well for starters they have no actual chemistry. The scenes were a little forced and both characters had to hide their true selves away from one another.

I think what made people cheer for them was the book series. But riddle me this (hehe) Didn’t Nate leave both Blair and Serena because he couldn’t decide? Another question: Wasn’t Nate a stoner and a whore? I mean this was this love of Blair’s life but he was awful in the books and the beginning of the tv series. Why in world would you want anyone to be with him? Seriously.

They weren’t gonna last. Point Blank.

Lord Marcus: Or as I like to call him: Lord Douchebag. Where do I begin? This guy was as bland as Kristen Stewart’s personality. I don’t know if they honestly had any fans. This guys purpose was to be Chuck substitute until Chuck man-ed up and told her how he felt (we all know how that went). He came he went and I was bored. Plus he sucker punched Chuck and “fake” an American/British accent. He was pretty bad, guys.

Carter: So if you haven’t figured it out, they put the pair together because they were dating in real life. I’m not buying we he was there she was there excuse. Blair could have bumped into anyone but it just had to be Carter, right? They don’t have much history before then so that’s why I’m sketchy on this pair.

Jack Bass: They sleep together, once. We don’t get to see it, we are actually told this. Nothing scream shitty storyline like “I slept with your Uncle, but that’s all you need to know.” No flashback, no other explanation. Fail editing team, writers, and actually everyone. And then when Blair’s is being traded for sex, she’s acting like they never had it. Just like to point that out.

Cameron: This was Mr. Roger’s nephew (Please refer to TV Recappers Anonymous for the Mr. Roger reference). I swear Lord DB had more personality than he did. I mean what point did this gorgeous man serve? Please tell there was a point to his small stint on GG because otherwise don’t bring characters for longer than a period of 2 episodes if they aren’t relevant.

Please note that this is part of one of Blair/(insert name). There will be a later post on Blair/AU couples.


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4 thoughts on “GG Couples Throughout the Ages: Blair Edition (Part 1)

  1. kjewls says:

    Great post idea! I loved reading this! It was definitely a trip down memory lane. The GG writers are making and breaking up couples so fast, you forget about some of the random lame-os that came between our core four (Chuck, Blair, Serena, Nate) at various points in the series. This would actually be a good book idea for you guys to pitch to publishers. No joke.

    Good call on Blair sleeping with Uncle Jackass, and the writers rewriting history as if it never happened. I actually forgot about that.

    Oh, and is it just me, or are Lord D-Bag, Mr. “Cameron” Little Rogers (Thanks for the shout out, by the way :)), and, to a lesser extent, Carter, more or less the same person? Same bland personality, same old-man dressing style, they even sort of look alike.

    It kind of makes you wonder what the casting call was like for these parts. “Seeking Bland, Mildly Attractive, Guy for two to three episode arc. Character will prove, by his own boringness, that main character needs to return to her true love ASAP. Personalities need not apply . . .”

    I can’t wait to read the rest of this series . . . 🙂

    • Thank you for liking the idea and more will come.

      Yes, sadly Blair DID sleep with Jack and yes Chuck didn’t know until the last episode. I just made another reference to last season finale. Hold the phone! Blair slept with Jack and didn’t tell Chuck. Much like Chuck sleeping with Jenny but didn’t tell Blair. Whoa sorry about that.

      No problem your recaps are hilarious and I loved the Mr. Rogers reference. I was thinking the same thing when I saw him in the sweater. I’m like guy better not have a segment where he changes this sweater. lol

      Rotfl they do! The casting director probably likes his men kind of bland and boring. lol

  2. Je t'adore says:

    I love this post so much but I honestly didn’t help in any way. But I will for the next one, I’ll e-mail you later today.

    Chuck is her true love, they are meant for each other and no other man could ever put up with her. lol They are both twisted and they get each other. Nair didn’t work because Nate is too weak and he can’t understand her like Chuck does. And plus, he was in love with Serena.

    I wanted Blair/Jack to be explored more because I wanted to see jealous Chuck. I was happy when he was pissed when he found out she slept with his uncle.And that is why it made no sense that he was able to trade her for the hotel without even blinking. Anyway, Blair/Jack is my AU… and Chuck of course gets the girl, even in the AU dream. 😀

    Blair with Lord Douchebag(lol, that always gets me)/Carter/Camron was boring. And I agree, they all were clones of the perfect candidate for B’s hand when she wanted to make C jealous/show him she’s moving on with her life. But what I don’t get is why wouls Chuck be jealous of any of them. They were like robotized versions of themselves (Carter), or men with no personality that made B act like someone she was not (Lord D. lmao), or random guys again with no personality that were just lurking next to B (Cameron). I couldn’t believe she was yelling at Dan and Cameron asked her “what’s wrong?” or something like that and she just passed him. I mean, they were on a freaking date. And he did nothing, he was just standing there, like the moron he probably was. And then she realized she is mean to be with Chuck (duh) and she sent him off in a cab and we didn’t even got to see what she said to him. Probably:
    B: look Camron, you are really great but you bore me to tears and plus, I’m still in love with Chuck.

    C: Wait, I don’t get it. We were on a date, 5 min ago we were fine.

    B: Mmm, well that’s what you think. See? that’s why we won’t work bb.

    C: Well, this was random and I still don’t get it.

    Don’t worry Cameron, we don’t get it either. But at least you were pretty, we enjoyed looking at you. It was fun.

    I love this post so much, can’t wait for Blair-part 2. eww dair, can’t wait to rant.

  3. mimz says:

    maybe blair slept with jack to find out where chuck was hiding. no one knew where chuck was that time, so maybe uncle jack came to new york and since he is chuck’s uncle he must have known his nephew’s whereabouts. maybe blair asked him to find chuck because she was worried, but in return she has to sleep with jack bass. it’s kinda similar to what happened on season 3 when jack told blair tht the only way to save chuck’s hotel is if she sleeps with him… and because she loves chuck she agreed to sleep with him but thankfully it didnt happen!
    tht’s my theory.

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