Afterthoughts: Last Tango, then Paris – SEASON FINALE

“Send her away before she hurts anyone else.” – Eric van der Woodsen on Jenny Humphrey in Episode 3.22: Last Tango, then Paris – SEASON FINALE

I’ll start with this quote because this is the gist of this episode. Now that most of you may have already seen the episode or have heard all the spoilers, so with regarded to that I’m going to try and keep this as short or simple as possible (I did try). But I do tend to ramble a lot so please pardon me.

Ok so I didn’t a hundred percent hate the season finale. There were parts that I was enjoying, again that was just me. Although trying to watch the episode and knowing what’s going to happen makes it that much harder to enjoy. Enjoy the Vanessa-less episode while we can.

Onward with these thoughts of mine:  I’m doing individual characters summary/and pairs.

Jenny: Ok just a warning but close to losing it since now I now the whole entire story with Jenny. The ungrateful, psycho, irrelevant, whore. This is all her fault. Maybe not the Dorota going into labor because that was just how things go. But the GG blast, Chenny happening, getting sent to Hudson. Yup all Jenny’s fault. Her actions were unjustifiable.

Like what’s it to her if Dan and Serena were in the same bed, oh all of a sudden she knew that there would be consequences but she still did it anyways? Like dumb b*tch. So, so, sorry I normally am not like this but her character pissed me the f*** off. She manages to not only break up Serenate and Danessa (actually I don’t care for that one so much) but she manages to piss everyone off. Then she gets to leave like nothing happened. WTF? She makes a mess and gets away with it? I’m sorry but I hope this girl dies on the train.

Btw did anyone else catch the Bride of Chucky reference? If you did lol if you didn’t I’ll give you a hint Jenny Humphrey.

Chuck: I couldn’t hate him. There wasn’t an ounce of me that wanted to, and he seemed so honest and broken. In the beginning when he was giving Nate and Serena advice on relationship was pure awesomeness because Chuck was right. This was Chuck as light and in love and ready to take on the world persona. But after Blair failed to show that persona crash and dear lord I felt sorry for him. Then he gets shot? And the ring? I was a mess afterwards. Don’t die Chuckie! But somehow I doubt that, because Ed’s still in the Cast list, so all hope is not entirely lost.

Chenny: The whole Chenny thing. Chuck should have been upfront with Blair when he slept Jenny, but you know what? He gave Jenny a way out. He literally told her ass to leave, if she wasn’t ready. He gave the same option to Blair (which now think about that Chair scene is sort of tainted). They were ‘high’ no they weren’t.

Btw: It takes two to tango, so as much as Dan thinks it was Chuck’s fault, Jenny could have walked away. But no she’s didn’t want to be alone. Dan is a failed character.

Chair: Speech aww I love B. I want her to be happy and she did not deserve that.   I loved that she yelled at Jenny for being basically a home wrecker and for just being awful. The look on both Chuck and Blair’s face when… Wait no more tears. It’s too painful lol dramatic I know. There’s not much I can say on the pair. I couldn’t enjoy their mini-reunion and part of me wishes that Chenny didn’t happen. Hell a lot of people wish that.

Serenate: And the award for cheesiest break up goes to? Like geez I was like Nate forgave her and then she’s like “It’s not you…” Nate come on you can do better, Serena does not deserve you. There SL was just there, it was like the writers were sitting around thinking of ways to piss of this fandom. Either that or they got lazy probably thinking:

“Ok we need to get this done, what do have?”





I can’t even begin to understand their train of thought. Fail GG writers, FAIL.

Blair/Serena moment: Blair insults Serena, and it is priceless. Serena’s a lazy girl who has to work on herself. She just realizes this? Bravo S, it only took you a year. But I did love their heart to heart.

Bromance of Nate/Dan: Just make them stop being friends, please. I beg of you. That’s pretty much it, I was like they forgave each other pretty quickly considering Dan was about to book a plane to Paris.

Nate: He’s a man-whore again? Didn’t we see this already? I mean he was so reform from last season to go back to being that whore again not exactly buying it.

Danera: *Sniff, Sniff* It’s smell like: O Brother, Where Bart Thou? You know when Serena left with Aaron to Brazil. I’m worried you guys because that another reference from past GG episode. These writers are lazy.

Dorota: Wasn’t she adorable? The advice to B. aww and then she just had to go into labor boo D. lol Beautiful baby girl name: Anastasia. Was anyone else happy that we might see more Cyrus/Eleanor next season? I love them together. And love Vanya, you adorable Russian doorman!

Eric: I love Eric as you know, but the whole ending where he just forgives Jenny? We’re back to DeBarted (see another reference) and Summer Kind of Wonderful. I wonder what horrible thing she can do so they officially never speak again. Because I am so over their friendship.

Last but certainly not least Georgie: She’s so hilarious and she’s like shows up at like random moment. I L-O-V-E her.  I’m not loving the blonde on Georgie’s head but I’m willing to look passed it because she’s Georgina-Freakin’-Sparks . And yes I was totally happy she’s having a baby with Dan because I do ship them.

I have certainly enjoyed writing these and hearing your thoughts on the episode. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and sorry if they were longer then they should have been. This 2nd half was certainly something and this finale whoa. I want to leave you with these in mind: If two people are destine to be together they will end up together regardless of what stands in their way. Sadly Chair can only withstand through only so much.

BTW: F-U JOSH! There I feel better 🙂

Take care and share your thoughts…



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20 thoughts on “Afterthoughts: Last Tango, then Paris – SEASON FINALE

  1. ronan03 says:

    i am in agreement with you. i thought it was really good and quite exciting- isn’t that what everyone wanted. could never hate chuck. season 4 should be good.good post.

    • Thank you, I did try to hate it in the beginning but I couldn’t. I think we’re caught up in the fact that Chenny really did happen. I mean after all Chair has been throught to put Jenny of all people in their way, that just messed up. But I agree Season 4 should be good. Hopefully better than this season 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Even though I hated sad Chuck, I also thought this was a pretty good finale. The only thing that was a little off was Jenny just leaving happily at the end. Anyways, if Chair was happy ALL the time, the show wouldn’t have any drama, which is what it is. AND we all know that in the end they will end up together 🙂 😉
    Does anyone know when S4 will air?
    I can’t wait!

  3. ladylily says:

    hey nice recap…hear from you guys next season???

  4. Leah says:

    I appreciate coming on to this blug and reading comments and especially the afterthougts on each episode. I feel like after reading this that I have to comment on a few things.

    First, I am a MASSIVE Chair shipper and I feel like the writers have completely destroyed the ship. Further, I LOVE Chuck. Always have. But after this, I am not sure how I feel.

    Honestly, I have to say that I feel bad for Jenny. I thought the scene with her losing her virginity (tearing off the sheets) the feelings of isolation felt pretty real. Frankly, I was more disgusted by Chuck because I felt like he should have known better than to take advantage. Personally, I thought the whole thing was pretty graphic.

    Second, the pain that both Chuck and Jenny caused Blair is pretty unforgiveable. This season, we have indecent proposal and now this? PLEASE. How many things can one couple endure.

    Third, I think the writers assume that just because Chuck gets shot that all will be forgiven.

    It’s insulting.

    K. Thare’s my rant. Thanks for letting me read.

    • Rant away 😛 Thank you for commenting.

      I think they were really trying to make Chuck this unforgivable character–much like season 1. But seem Chuck is on my list of favorite characters I couldn’t. *sad face*

      As for Jenny I think I made my feelings pretty clear lol

  5. Thais says:

    1. I read spoilers on the finale & S4, but I’m not so sure about CHAIR. Like I think there is a good chance Chuck will live but I just hated that ending. Out of all the characters it had to be him, why not Jenny?!?! She deserved it a hell lot more.
    2. I agree on the fact that Dan shouldn’t have punched Dan for having slept with Chuck. SHE was the one that went ahead and did it. Honestly, losing your virginity to the guy who tried to rape you when you were like 15?! Seriously, Jenny can not get any lower in my standards. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character so much aside from Bella.
    3. Serenate/Danessa/Darena = in my opinon… BORING!

    • Thais says:

      I don’t know why I clicked submit comment when I still wasn’t done… [frustration, I tell you over this episode]

      4. I hated how in a week, everyone, well “almost” everyone went on and forgave “little” J for being such a home wrecking tramp. And I don’t know why they’re making her be like Serena, when she arrived in the Pilot.
      5. I honestly thought that Georgina being pregnant was just a trick, but I’m seeing and hearing a lot of people say it’s real. This might complicate things for Darena, don’t you agree. And how dumb can you be to not use protection? Specially, if your last name is Humphrey? Let’s just hope J doesn’t pull that trick either.
      6. I don’t know if you’ve read Gossip Girl: I Will Always Love You, but there were a lot of similar storylines from the book incorporated to the last few episodes. Some of course were modified and totally ruined. (ie. Jenny losing her virginity to Chuck instead of Nate.)

  6. fern18 says:

    I agree with you!
    Dan is so dump! He shouldn’t punch Chuck like that, I mean it’s not all Chuck’s fault it’s Jenny’s fault too. I didn’t hate this season finale. I think it’s kinda good.

  7. Je t'adore says:

    This was the best ep. this season. I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for Chenny.

    I felt sorry for Chuck even if I thought I wouldn’t be. But maybe getting shot will be his wake up call. Maybe he will realize that life consists of both bad and good experiences and that you don’t have to whore yourself out to forget about your problems… or about the fact that Blair doesn’t love you anymore. Poor guy, he can’t win, can he?

    My poor Blair. I just want to hug her. But she was awesome. The end.

    Nate, you can do so much better. Serena you’re a hobag. Dan, ugh, boring but funny.

    Georgie rocks my socks. Someone please make her sign a contract to be on the regular cast.

    No Mannessa, WIN!!

    And, please don’t kill me. I hate Jenny, I really do but I felt sorry for her. Try as she might, she is still a child and she is bound to make mistakes. She was crushed when the reality on sleeping with Chuck kicked in and I felt it. Loosing it to someone that doesn’t give a s**t about you it’s pretty harsh. But she deserved it. Anyway, gtfo Jenny.

    Thank you for the recap, your best one yet. Do I say this every week? lol

    Going to read your draft.

  8. Je t'adore says:

    I forgot, I loved B/S this ep. Their friendship is amazing. It reminds me of us, we’re so different but we still love each other (we do, right? lol).

  9. Jackie says:

    It set up season 4 pretty well. Also, try as I may to hate Chuck I couldn’t you saw him go from heartbroken to happy, in-love to downright depressed. And then he got shot for a ring Blair doesn’t even know about!
    I’ll be honest, I still ship Chair. Is it hard? Yes. But, Chuck got shot he will change, Blair will change too upon hearing. They won’t get back together straight away but they will be together rebuilding everything that they were and coming out stronger at the end. It is this thought of the journey that excites me. Because the beauty is Chuck and Blair will always find a way to each other, just this time it will take longer than anticipated.
    Also, I felt for Jenny. You can see the moment she realises that she was essentially another whore to him. Oh, also about tainting the Chair 1×07 scene I don’t agree because while he may have made sure they were both okay with it, season 3 Chuck is that type of person season 1 Chuck not at all – it was shocking to hear him ask after all we knew about him.

    • Laís says:

      I hated Jenny but I felt sorry for her too. When she sees the little black bag next to the bed and open it and probably sees the engagement ring. And when she was crying to Eric and when Dan puches Chuck.
      But I reeeeaaaally felt mostly for Blair and Chuck.
      Was horrible when B says ‘you didnt…you did.’ and everything that happens next, omg, their faces. C and B were soooo broken! Chuck never did really broken faces, only 1 time, was when his father died. And now,
      when he loses Blair right before proposing to her!!!

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