Your theories about the finale

So, my friend T published a post with her theory about the finale. Read it HERE, if you haven’t already.

This is what she said:

Chuck is on the top of ESB… he waits for B but she doesn’t arrive in time, so he goes back to his suite where there’s Jenny alone and broken like him. Chuck confides in her her, telling her that B didn’t show up and that this only means that it’s true, they’re over, she wants to move on with her life. On the point of breaking down, J says “I don’t want to be alone” (PROMO UK) and C “Neither do I” and he leans to kiss her. He realizes his stupidity – NOW because he is broken-hearted, so he stops. J understands and Chuck allows her to stay the night (The Morning Show clip), he’ll sleep on the couch. Before the night is over B comes to Chuck’s suite telling him she was late because Dorota went into labor and she didn’t think of calling him, she was too worried for her. Jenny is still sleeping, so she doesn’t know she’s there in Chuck’s bed. She tells Chuck Dorota went into labor and that she came there only to let him know, she has to leave again. He decides to go with her and he gets dressed. They go to the Hospital and Chuck is ready to do the Grand Gesture, that’s proposing to her. He’s about to do it (Season Finale Promo) but then Dan comes and punches him – but we don’t know how the promos are made, the scenes can be not connected at all – because he read the blast from GG and arrives to the wrong conclusions. B is upset, she’s angry and starts to yell at him (UK Promo) and he tries to justify himself telling B that he and J only shared a kiss, plus he thought that B didn’t love him anymore (UK Promo). But Blair doesn’t believe him. She orders him to go away, she’ll never get back with such a Bass-tard. Chuck silently leaves with a black eye and B and D are alone. He doesn’t go to his suite with his limo because he wants to walk, but it’s late night and he accidentally finds himself in a bad place where two guys mug him and steal the engagement ring (The Morning Show Clip, ‘Just let me keep the box’). They hurt him and leave him there. Meanwhile in his suite, a hurt Nate comes back and finds J. He dumped S because he learned that she betrayed him with D, so he’s broken-hearted too. He and Jenny start to kiss and then have sex. (Season Finale Promo, if press pause you can well see Nate‘s shirt and watch, that’s def not Ed’s hand).

Okay this was it, and to create suspense I’d finish with B leaving with S to Paris and a hurt Chuck, but nobody knows that he’s been mugged.

I have to say, I think this will happen, or something along those lines.

But some of our readers have theories of their own. I’ll post them for you and you can tell us what you think will happen or who you think is closer to the truth.


MY Theory of This Twisted Plot Line SS&JS call “Drama”

Nate&Serena : Derena’s picture GG blast will cause major tension between Serenate, and of course S won’t admit she did anything wrong (in her twisted little head kissing your step brother with whom you share a sibling with is nothing) S will some how blame N for not trusting her, and not being there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on (which she’ll praise D for doing) S will then walk off leaving N confused (as always) about their relationship cue in the depression and boozing to forget about the whole situation.

Nate&Jenny&3 : J may have caught wind of the fight? Asks C to help her win N’s heart (assuming Chuck may not be in favor of S’s new attitude/behaviour) c calls N over to drink his troubles away, and when N arrives J shows up looking not so LITTLE (boobies, tight black dress and S-looking) N tantalized by the view takes her to chucks room where J’s already set up the candles and her wish to finally lose her virginity to N comes true. After that N realizes hes made a huge mistake and saids he still loves S and hes sorry blah blah and runs off leaving J in C’s bed heart broken. N runs off to a bar or somewhere else to drink his dilemmas away and ends up hooking up with 2 random chicks *threesome*

Chuck&Jenny : C arrives home and sees that J is in his bed and realise her scheme doesnt go so well? feels pity for J so he lets her stay the night. C leaves to go to ESB. Next morning c returns heart broken thinking B never shows/doesnt love him anymore and starts drinking J comes out and C confides in her, theyre both vulnerable and kiss *EWEWEW* C pulls away and says i can’t do this and asks J to leave J goes back to Brooklyn. When she returns D confronts her about the GG blast playing the old crying game to avoid her brother also hating/not loving her anymore she says she did it and deflects the problem and lies that C tried to rape her blah blah *tear tear* D furious goes to see C.

Chuck&Blair : B hears about what happened with Derena and goes to brooklyn to threaten J. After leaving Dorota goes into labour Cameron is also with her through out the whole thing. Once Dorota gave birth and B sees how Dorota and Vanya look at eachother and the baby she realises she already does have something like that (pure love, not simple but love unconditionally) and tells Cameron she has to go and that shes sorry for wating his time. B gets to ESB but only sees the peonies C had left there. B goes to see C and tells him how she feels blah blah blah, B and C make up and B goes to lobby to wait for C. C comes down with the ring he was probably going to give her at ESB and is about to give it to her as a sign of his love/faithfullness when D comes and knocks him OUTTTT. (boooooooo) D yells at c for “trying” to rape his lil sister B gets furious C saids its just a kiss he thought she didnt love him anymore obviously B thinks of the worse case scenario and runs off to threaten J AGAIN. She then confides in S and they both decide to escape the city and go to Paris.

Chuck : goes running after B can’t find her anywhere and gets mugged by some idiots who jack the ring and tries to shoot him. — his fate we will see.

Dan : is lonely AGAIN now that both S and V are out of the city.

Jenny : leaves the city for boarding school. leaving a shit load of a mess behind.

Nate : is confused usual and will probably be sleeping around/partying a lot now that S has left the city/him.


Chuck is found in a alley and them he’s taken to a hospital, the nurses call his family and B gets knowning he’s hurt and go see him and they made up

Andie 1392:

So i was remembering that josh schwartz said that the last five minutes were nuts…okay what can happend in the last 5 minutes??


JENNY- we all know she’s leaving.

BLAIR- leaving too but to paris.

SERENA- leaving with blair.

GEORGINA- i think she will be the important thing at the end..but im quite sure that she will end with chuck..for some reason..:S i think they’re going to try to destroy dan ….(dan punches chuck)

NATE- i think he will end alone with hookers.

CHUCK- well my poor chuck i think he will try to commit suicide..haha

RUFLY- the will end up happy we all know that.

DAMIEN- i don’t know why but i think he’s coming back too. remember in a synopsis said that jenny will find out that damien get arrested maybe she’s afraid to get arrested too so she LEAVES?


Jenny: Well so i think the first minutes of the episode will be jenny in nates blue shirt in the bed then chuck comes all dressed to go to the ESB maybe he didn’t know about jjenny spending the night there so they talked.. whatever not a big deal…Then jjenny go to the loft and see dan and serena then she take the picture and send the GG blast, then blair go to the loft and tell her that” nobody loves her only her daddy” jenny feels sad so she later start crying with eric saying that everybody hates her(that’s true) then i think later her plan is try to seduce Nate..but for some reason i don’t think nate will jenny i don’t know why…so her plan doesn’t work.. but then chucks come to the penthouse all sad because he think blair doesn’t love him…jenny is there too…and sad too because her plan with nate didn’t work so she tell chuck she doesn’t want to be alone chuck: neither do i.. so they KISS but for some reason i think someone will stop so maybe chuck and jenny don’t happend but then she is sleeping in chuck’s room and said to chuck ” you’re not kicking me out to the street? . but im not sure about this theory because im sure someone will fucked her..

Chuck: so he get up early he go to ESB with the flowers with all prepared to propose to blair.. okay blair doesn’t show up and he return to the penthouse all sad.that’s when he is with jenny and they kiss etc….then blair comes to the penthouse after having gone to the empire…and tell him why she didn’t show up..but MY QUESTION HERE IS I MEAN THE TWO OF THEM DOESN’T LOOK HAPPY IN THE PICTURES BUT BLAIR DOESN’T LOOK MAD Neither so i think she doesn’t going to know about chenny yet or maybe chenny doesn’t happend for some reason they don’t work things out…so blair leaves and left the flowers in the penthouse…later i think after that CHENNY will happend but i hope not and both of them will be like WTF i love blair so he will regret so he’s gonna go to the hospital with the ring so in the way he’s going to get mugged the mugger will stole the ring i don’t think the shot will happend there so he leaves to the hospital i try to explain blair that he loves her etc… when they are talking dan already knows about the hook up or almost hook up with jenny so he comes and punches chuck.. then blair find out about CHENNY she will be going crazy and tell jenny to leave town.

im still hopping chenny didn’t happend but first i thought chenny will happend because of the Uk PROMO but then stephanie savage said there will be a twist so i thought okay chenny doesn’t happend so the twist is that is nate… but then the US PROMO came out and im thinking again that maybe they want us to believe that nenny happend and the twist is that CHENNY happends.. because in the us promo they DON’T SHOW ANY SCENE BETWEEN CHUCK AND JENNY SO THEY’RE TRYING TO MAKES CHAIR FANS BY MAKING THEM BELIEVE THAT CHUCK PROPOSE TO BLAIR.. BUT I THINK BLAIR DOESN’T EVEN GOING TO KNOW THAT CHUCK WILL TRY TO PROPOSE…:S I WAS PLANNING TO MAKE MORE THEORY BUT I ALREADY WROTE TO MUCH HAHAH

threesome- dan nate serena or nate with hookers but i think this threesome refers more to a love triangle.

shooting-now everything points to chuck but i don’t know

birth- dorota

departure- jenny

arrive- georgina

twist- chuck or nate

time jump- blair and serena going to paris

another doubts- what’s the role of georgina in this episode..? why she have a wig? why is she with chuck in some pictures?

why the humphrey family is all happy in GCS when all the things jenny did.

serenate. over

rufly- happy


derena- i think something going to happend between them in s4

TeAmCulLeNsince1901 on Youtube said:

I think it’d be great if B left with S and C went after her and find her just the moment she is about to get in the plane and he apologizes and proposes again (without Dan Humphrey this time…!) and she says “yes” 🙂 I’d love a finale like that!! 🙂 what do you think?

This is all very confusing and I try not to think about it, I’ll just have to wait and see. Can’t wait for Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Your theories about the finale

  1. Most of theories that I’ve come with involve Chenny and I’m not willing to accept that.

  2. diane says:

    i’ve come up with the same theories in the OP.
    and i’m pretty convinced the writers are going in that route..that is until we see this twist they are talking abt.

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