Spotted: Eddy Party Boy in Hollywood…Alone

Stepping out for a solo night on the town, Ed Westwick was spotted partying it up in Hollywood, California on Friday (May 14).

Sporting a denim dominated outfit, the Chuck Bass hunk was looking to be in quite the serious mood as he hit the exit at Crown Bar Lounge.

The sighting comes amidst talk that Ed is rekindling his romance with “Gossip Girl” co-star Jessica Szohr – with rumors starting after the pair were spotted on Wednesday shopping together at The Grove.

And while it seems as if they’re definitely getting past their cheating issues, Gossip Cop sources tell that they’re not an item again… yet.

After admitting that a reconciliation is definitely a possibility, a Westwick insider said, “They’re definitely not back together.”

Well Hello there! 😉



6 thoughts on “Spotted: Eddy Party Boy in Hollywood…Alone

  1. BASSismyreligion says:

    yummy :O

  2. He looks kind of pissed. But still hot… Hmm only Eddie

  3. sara says:

    his face is so cute on this photos but he seems sad :s

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the pics.

    I’m still really perplexed about the story between him and Jess.

    Cheating? Really? I’m waiting to see how their friendship/relationship works itself out. I’m all for them being friends, but surely the “trust” element is gone from the relationship.

    If he rekindles a romance with Jess – basically, I’ll be like, Ed – dumbass!

    • A says:

      I dont see how it will work either romantically anymore, not only is the trust gone but he also has to do this in front of everyone probably feeling constantly judged and then resenting her, I cant imagine it lasting too much longer even if they do get back together. I have been there done that with trying to work out something with someone who cheated on me, you think you are over it and then one day BAM you are like WTF am I doing with this person? lol

      • diane says:

        apparently chuck bass has trust issues in real life too.

        but as much as i love Jessica/Ed, nothing compares to my otp.
        although chuck/blair is pure fiction so.. 😉
        oh well, doesn’t matter as long as i can watch tv and be happy 😀

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