Afterthought: Ex-husbands and Wives

Did I love it or did I hate it? The answer to that is neither. While the 4 minute sneak peak showed alot of great clips and big wow factors, I wasn’t even in like with this episode.  Even with the Vanessa-less episode (thank you very much), I just didn’t like it. But for the first in weeks I like Jenny’s character. Next week my opinion might change.

Onward with this thoughts of mine:

Chenny moment: I never thought I actually have to give them a category let alone make them first topic in mind. I couldn’t, for the likes of me, enjoy their scene for reason known. It almost felt like the writers were preparing us. Like ‘Look they’re gonna happen so just accept it’ excuse. I wanted to remind the writers that these two are LEGALLY related but these writers know what they’re doing right? There was two lines that really tick me off : There was the low whisper seducing crap and then Jenny’s response you wish. Yes at this point I’m  just picking on them so sue.

Chair with hints of Blair/Carmen: I loved the fake therapy session lmao. I mean even if they are arguing at least they’re together. I willing to take anything that the writer’s are willing to throw at us. I loved Blair’s ‘what the hell are you doing here?’ to Chuck and Jenny. While Carmeron is a hottie the he’s got nothing on Chuck. The guy reminds me of Lord Douchebag, not the whole Lord thing, but the kind of bland and boring mess.  I love the speech that Chuck gave, yes the same one that we’ve been hearing for weeks. Chuck knows just the right things to say to girl (you know for the most part)

Serenate: Please tell me they broke up, please. Nate + scheming = Fail. Another math problem Serena + whiny + Daddy issuse  + Jenny hating = A very annoying Van der Woodsen. I want to understand Serena, I do. She’s gone all this time without her father just to have him within reach and then taken from her. I feel bad for her, but she’s she acted like a baffon. The reason these two won’t work is simple: There always at differnt points in there lives. Serena has her family issues and Nate’s biggest problem is Columbia and probably Lacross. I don’t know in theory they work, they are perfect for each other, but on screen nope not feeling it.

Derena: Another couple that I wasn’t thinking about until just recently. They have good scenes together in this episode, I admit I was once a Derena shipper  (not as hardcore as Chair, but still). I loved that it was more friendship-y than romantic because theses also don’t work will together. I like that she can depend on him even when their family is falling apart.

Will/Lily/Rufus/Holland: Humphrey wins *rolls eyes* I don’t even care at this point. Jenny has a point they are always fighting and they are just so bland. I’ll take Will over Rufus any day. I can’t talk about this anymore than I have to. Although Holland getting closer to Rufus was pretty smart of Will.

Jenny: In the beginng I was over her character because of the recent spoilers. But I just want to say that all she wanted was to be normal, and she hasn’t been the same since she move to the UES. Did another else think that Rufus choosing Lily over her was just BS? This is his daughter, his flesh? Jenny wasn’t bad in this episode. And after Serena’s speech, i probably would have done the same thing. To an extent of course, I’m not that evil.

Eric: He’s just supportive and caring as always. I loved that he was willing to drop everything for his family and protect them at any given moment. Eric we love you 🙂

I’m really trying to stay positive on next week and hopefully I’m wrong. You have no idea, how much I wish i was wrong. A sign might be nice. Well guys I just have to say before the finale next week, I loved doing these afterthought and i love hearing what you have to say on the episode. I’m gonna miss it after next week.


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8 thoughts on “Afterthought: Ex-husbands and Wives

  1. blairwaldorf09 says:

    So these are my thoughts. need to go..somewhere FAR FAR AWAY. Take Serena with you too..she’s been hella annoying acting like a five year old. Though her scene with Dan was actually kind of nice.

    Chair’s therapy session was gold..they basically did address their problems at the end. I loved how Blair looked up at the empire state building when she was walking with dude. Also why 7:01? It seems kind of a specific time there Chuckles. I’m not really looking forward to next week, I have a feeling I’m going to want to murder cute fluffy puppies after it. Well we’ll see.

  2. CHARLOTTE says:

    They said that Gossip Girl season finale includes a :
    Mini time-jump
    Engagement ring
    Shocking OMG! twist
    Spectacular Jenny smackdown by Blair

    Any ideas of who will be shoot and the THREESOME?

  3. mimi says:

    i love this ep so much b/c simply my bitchy blair is back. no one can scheme as better as she is…
    and for the therapy scene is hillarious..
    and for cb eye sex..
    and for cb end scene in the ep give me goosebump.

    perfect ep so many cb aswell chuck and blair.

  4. BASSismyreligion says:

    I’m not sure about this episode, but I liked more than last week’s.

    CHAIR/BLAMERON: well, their scenes had sarcasm and scheming, and were kinda like s1/2 *kinda*.
    Liked the ‘theraphy’ because even if they were playing a part, they were unware telling what they really thought about those situations.
    And yeah, the date. I know is an ultimatum and its not good to order things to the others, but… IDK what to say now, lol.

    That dude Cameron is really like Nate, maybe even worse (personality talking). I found his voice tone annoying lol. I think he knows that B is still in love with C, and hes not forcing things between them (since they didnt even get to kiss, lol).

    CHENNY: Um lolz I dont like these two together, but this time she was the only one that could have helped Chuck bc of her drug dealing past…

    SERENATE: please let this two be over. Shes too naive and hes not good at scheming. I hope he finds a better girl than her.

    RUFLY/DR VDW: Enough is enough. Rufus really got on my nerves I wanted to kill him bc hes really too boring to bear. I’m sorry Dr VDW went away, but is better this was since he was a liar.

    ERIC: Thumbs up for him! Just this. Hes the only sane person in that family.

    DARENA: Mmm well, I liked their scenes together, even if they were short. You can see they still care for each other. If they’re going to do Darena again (I liked them in S1 a lot) I’d be happy only if they don’t screw them up like they like to do.

    NENNY: Even short scene, IDK, Nate likes her in a way. I’d that him will deflower her.
    As gross as it sounds, better him than Chuck…

  5. mimz says:

    i agree, i like CB’s therapy session it was really cute. chuck will get shot? OH NO! this is annoying! im freaking out about chuck and jenny!

  6. Je t'adore says:

    I must say: I think this is your best “afterthought” yet, till next week maybe. lol I agreed with everything you said..almost. I enjoyed scheming Nate even if he was pathetic when he was telling Cameron about G. lmao

    I have to say: N deserves better than S. She was a bitch to him and he was just trying to do the right thing. I’m telling you bb, I loved N this season. I’m really starting to feel the whole Nenny thing. They have potential. But I’m sure the writers will F them up too.

    S can go back to D for all I care, they’re both fail. But I have to be honest, I loved scheming D too. And moron D also:
    D(seeing Rufus): Oh dad (scared face) lmao

    Team Will. Rufus sucks. I won’t ever get tired of saying this.

    Eric is the man!

    I F-ing LOVED the CB scenes, they are made for each other.
    B: I have an idea.
    C: I already had it.
    This pretty much sumes it.

    If the finale is not epic, I’ll F a bitch up.

  7. Je t'adore says:

    P.S. lmao “Lord Douchebag”
    That Cameron is hot,I’d hit that.

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