More stills from the Season Finale

I think Blair (as Leighton herself confirmed they’ll shoot first ep. of S4 in Paris) will leave.
Seems kinda like S1 finale, don’t you think?


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10 thoughts on “More stills from the Season Finale

  1. mizz says:

    by the looks of these pictures, shes going away for a holiday or something.
    and yes, s4 ep1 is in paris 🙂

  2. ronan03 says:

    thank you for posting these.

  3. lola says:

    UM NO.

    It is nothing like season 1 BECAUSE blair was going to Tuscany – thats in italy if you didnt know, not in France or Paris, and she was going with chuck who ditched her, now she is going directly to france to visit her dads, so stop with all the hate for GG!! You havent even watched the episode before you start saying all this shit about the show!

    • BASSismyreligion says:

      Uh, lol.
      I live in Italy so I OBV know where Tuscany is, I’ve been there twice 😛

      With ‘end like S1’ I meant B leaving to go abroad. Of course we don’t know if there are any reasons other than visit her parents if she leaves, I’m just making suppositions after what we got (pics + vids).

      Is normal to do it (at least for me). I’m not a genie so I don’t know what will really happen.

      Here we’re not hating GG. If we hated it, we wouldn’t have created this blog 😀

      I, personally, I’m bored of the way it became.
      Lame SL, OOC characters… A LOT of things have changed, turning this show almost into another this season.

      If people ask me what is my fav show, I’m still sayin Gossip Girl, because I have a bit of hope left.

      I’m not sure I’ll stop watching because as curious as I’m, I’d love to see what will happen, good or bad.

      Hope I didn’t give you a wrong impression for those two lines under the pics 😛

    • Je t'adore says:

      bb, I don’t know where u got the idea that we hate GG from but you are dead wrong. Do you know what a comparison means? Because that’s what my friend did, a comparison. We are not stupid, quite the opposite. We do know where Tuscany is, we have 2 Italian admins on the blog. So please don’t throw insults around because they will backfire.

      And please don’t make assumptions about us because you don’t know us. You didn’t watch the ep either but that doesn’t stop you from making assumptions either. Eg. that B is going to visit her dads. Maybe she will o there with C, maybe they will take a romantic trip to Paris.

      And last, we don’t hate GG, we love it, that;s why we blog about it. And even if we did, it’s none of your business. It’s a free country.

  4. BlairanoidFreak; says:

    lmao Yes B is going to Paris ( YaY finally! I wanna see Harold&Roman!) but i dunno I’m hoping that maybe this time Chuck will leave with her! (I’m praying for this)
    I’m delusional I Know!
    I’m still in denial!

  5. Amanda says:

    and since they love to recycle SL’s/scenes:

    Final scene: Blair strolling alone in Paris, Chuck is waiting for her, (in a pretty romantic place btw) peonies in hand… *fades to black* and we don’t get to see what happens next…

    MEH… *roll eyes*

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      lmao YES!!
      B: You selfish MotherChucker What are you doing here!!!?? Are you stalking me!? I told you to leave me alone!!
      C: *puppydogeyes* I’m sorry , i screwed up! ( Deja-vu N1) But I needed someone and she was there ( Oh Wait! I have a deja-vu) I was sad, You know my Emo version very well, she tried to confort me!
      B: Seriously Chuck!? Stop recycle my lines for the love of god!
      C: I-I
      B: Yeah you’re sorry i get that! You’re always are….but seriously Jenny!?!? The girl you tried to rape 3 years ago!? The girl who now is your stepsister? Thi is called INCEST!
      First you pimp me out to Jack and now this?
      I’m sorry but i’m done *deja-vu*
      C: But I love you….I’m not Chuck Bass without you…
      B: I love you too but first I have to find a punishment…this time you’ve been a very bad boy, a very bad bad boy Gag–Chuck!
      C: *smirks* I have an idea….Where is your paddle.

      Okay that’s it can someone please call a doctor for me!?! THANK YOU

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