Gossip Girl fashion range launches feat. Blair Style and Leighton interview

Miss Selfridge has collaborated with the hit TV series Gossip Girl to create a collection of eight dresses based on the fashion styles of the four female lead characters – Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Jenny Humphrey and Vanessa Abrams – inspired by the designs of Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman.
Each dress was a huge hit with the press and bloggers that had flocked to the event.  The press room looked spectacular decorated with New York sky lines and, of course the prize collection!  A group of lucky Miss Selfridge buyers were also modelling the designs, and as beautiful as the dresses looked on the mannequins, they looked even more impressive on the glamorous girls.
There were rumours of a suprise guest in the lead up to the event and nobody could believe their eyes when (a rather handsome!) Chace Crawford arrived to view the collection.


Yummy Chace! I’d hit that.

Blair’s Style:

Find dress HERE.


Leighton talks low-maintenance style vs. “Gossip Girl” chic

You may know 24-year-old actress Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, the impeccably dressed, bitchy Upper East Sider who rules “Gossip Girl,” but Meester has little in common with her character aside from an assuredly awesome wardrobe. (She was wearing a gorgeous two-piece floral Derek Lam outfit when I caught up with her on Tuesday.) Meester has just been named the global ambassador for Herbal Essences, and I can’t really think of a better spokesperson for the brand. From her high-end designer image on “Gossip Girl,” to her rock and roll persona on stage (she put an album out last year), to her cool, laid-back personal style, Meester easily transforms her look—and her hair—and always looks stunning. Read on for her personal beauty and fashion tips, insight into her style icons, and the inside scoop on “Gossip Girl.” She even gave me a Season 4 spoiler at the end, so consider yourselves warned!

Shine: You take on so many different styles on-stage and off. How would you achieve each of these looks?

Leighton Meester:It’s really about a mood, and experimentation, and being comfortable, and trying new things. For the red carpet I think it’s all about creating a look head to toe and stepping into a character. The clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup. It all goes together in the look. “Gossip Girl” is very much a character. [Blair’s] clothes are her. They very much define a big part of her, and that’s enjoyable. I think she’s a tried-and-true kind of character; she has the same look most of the time. In my daily life I like to stay comfortable, but still go a little bit out of my element and wear heels, and rock out a little bit.

S: What do you look like when you run out of the house? Do you feel pressure to dress up in case you run into fans or paparazzi?

LM:I never ever have that at all, which is very good. I honestly wear sweatpants all the time, jeans, leggings. In the summer I like to wear a sundress or shorts. You’ll never see me going to the grocery store in stilettos; I just don’t think that’s me. I’ve learned just to sort of love how I look naturally, which is good because on my days off the last thing I want to do is my hair and makeup.

S: What have you learned style-wise from playing Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl”? Would you ever wear a headband?

LM:[Laughs] What I’ve learned from the designer of the show is that you can mix designer with less expensive brands and mix it up. It doesn’t always have to be the same all the time. Of course my character has, like, really great taste, but sometimes they’ll throw in something from H&M, and it looks great. So there are really no rules.

S: The New York Times said Blake Lively’s hair is “the new Rachel,” and that everyone wants to achieve her look, yet you’re the new ambassador for Herbal Essences. Do you think this kind of undone hairstyle is a little more attainable?

LM:I think it goes to show that you can be perfectly put together, but a little bit of an undone look is nice and it’s useful. It doesn’t always have to look like you spent hours on your style. It’s kind of being comfortable looking more natural.

S: How do you maintain your hair on- and off-camera?

LM:When we’re filming I’ll go a couple days without washing it, which is good because it holds the style. But you know, Blair’s hair is really perfect all the time, perfect ringlets at all times. Doing the red carpet, even if we spend an hour on my hair, it still never looks too done. It’s a little bit undone, which is very much me. And in real life I either keep going with the style I had the day before. [Laughs] Which can look good! Kind of the tousled look. I use a little bit of [Herbal Essences] Tousle Me Softly and kind of crunch it up, and it gets kind of a bedheady, beachy texture. Or I just go with my natural style, which is super straight and boring.

S: You mentioned the Tousle Me Softly styling products, what are your other favorite items from the Herbal Essences line?

LM:I like the shampoos and conditioners because they make your hair smell really good. The hydrating Hydralicious is really good, because my hair has to withstand a lot of drama.

S: I read that your stylist, Charles Baker Strahan, lives in your building. Do you ever call him over for hair emergencies?

LM:[Laughs] Yes. All the time. I’ll run into him, and he’s just like, “Oh, hi!” and starts fixing up my hair.

S: Who are some of your style and beauty icons?

LM:I like Drew Barrymore. I think that her hair, because she’s changed it so many times, you never look twice at her and go, “Oh, that doesn’t seem like her.” She can do any hair color or style. I love Helen Mirren. I think that she’s a beautiful woman and very talented. I love Grace Kelly and her overall, um, grace. [Laughs]

S: On “Gossip Girl” your hair is brunette, and I was so surprised to hear that your hair is naturally lighter. Do they ask you to keep it dark during filming for the character?

LM:It’s generally for other roles that I would change my hair, but I have to keep the same hair for “Gossip Girl.” Last year toward the end they let me put some red highlights in my hair, because they wanted that color for a movie I was doing basically at the same time. I’ve gone lighter and darker throughout the years. When we first started I had my hair super dark because I was really excited to be a brunette, but it’s so much maintenance because my hair is way light. I do like changing my hair color, because as much as I like natural, I like having a definite hair color. I remember when I let my real hair grow out I was like, “I kind of want fake hair color.” [Laughs] It’s so much more vibrant!

S: Do you have any other upcoming projects you can tell me about?

LM:I just finished a movie yesterday called “The Oranges.” Tonight we’re going to a venue to talk about Herbal Essences in Western Europe. And then I start a movie next week called “Monte Carlo,” so I’ll be in Europe for a couple months and then I start “Gossip Girl” again. We’re going to be shooting the first episode—I don’t know if I should tell you this—in Paris.

S: Ooh! That’s an exciting scoop. Thank you for sharing!



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  1. maedy says:

    wow she is so down to earth and seems pretty smart at answering question. love leighton btw.
    and hell yeah to paris !

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