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Leighton article about her upcoming issue of Glamour

You know what makes a Tuesday morning cup of coffee ten times better? Drinking it while chatting with Leighton Meester. I met up with the Gossip Girl star/new spokesperson for Herbal Essences yesterday for an interview and based on the way she behaved I have to say…

…she’s so nice and friendly! I know, not the juicy gossip you might have been hoping for, but it’s the truth. Leighton and I talked all about her favorite beauty products, her music and her crazy busy schedule, but you’ll have to stay tuned to an upcoming issue of Glamour to get the scoop. In the meantime, I can confirm the following things about her:

3. She adores her hairstylist, Charles Baker Strahan (above)—he sat next to her during the interview and gave me a quick recap of how he did her hair that morning: He misted her hair with Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel, applied a little bit of Long Term Relationship Leave-In Split End treatment, curled it and sprayed it with Set Me Up for hold.

1. Her skin is amazing. She wore very little makeup and looked absolutely stunning even though she went to the Met Ball the night before and hadn’t gotten much sleep.

2. She’s been to a foam party. That’s when you go to a dance club and they spray the whole place with foam until everyone is covered in the stuff. Leighton got to experience this while filming a scene for an upcoming movie.


Interview about her Herbal Essences campain in Madrid, Spain

translated by STRAWBERRYFIELDS4 at fanforum.

If on screen she dazzles with her beauty and her peculiar character, at short distance she is even more beautiful. Leighton Meester, that at the age of 24 has reached world fame for her role as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, has come to Spain as the new face of Herbal Essences.

How has your experience in Spain been?
At this moment the experience has been very positive. I’ve only been here for a day but the people are very friendly, happy and pretty. I really like Spain.

Actress, singer, composer, model Is there a facet of yours that we don’t know about?
Surely there are many aspects of me that you don’t know about. I work a lot, but mainly what you see is what I do. I concentrate a lot in what I’m doing, and my job as an actress makes me very happy. The rest of the time I like to travel, enjoy my family and friends and above all just stay calm.

Would you go out with a guy like Chuck Bass?
I don’t think they exist, because it’s not easy for people to change that much. He is really dynamic and really interesting. I love him. If he existed I would love to go out with him.

You debuted on TV on series like Law and Order, House, or CSI, how do you see this sector of entertainment right now? How do you see the role of women in series like Gossip Girl?
The beauty of being an actress and do movies and television is that you can interpret all kinds of characters and the role of Blair, is a woman who has many facets to her personality, she’s smart, lively, and can show a range of human emotions.

Your role as Blair has a dark side, which side do you prefer the good one or the bad one?
If I had to choose I’d go with bad Blair. But I specifically like her because she has those two facets to her personality, the make the character interesting. In reality she’s a good girl but she has a dark side. She’s a smart girl who is good in school, with her boyfriend, but has many insecurities and that’s what makes her so interesting. She is a girl who has been educated to be clever, intelligent, and perfect and that’s what makes her feel so insecure.

What do you have in common with Blair?
I’m a bit older than my character and that’s what has helped me in being able to understand Blair better and what I love about Blair are her clothes.

< >Your debut album comes out this summer, How did you start with music?</b>
I’ve been singing my whole life, but I’ve been working on this album for 4 years and I’ve dedicated so much time because I’m such a perfectionist. I love music and I’ve been composing for the past 8 years. Every day I write, compose, and learn more and that makes me feel good. Music is my therapy, it’s like poetry or a picture of the moment you are living or a past moment. It’s really nice.

On Gossip Girl you’ve reached world fame. How has that changed your life?
It has changed my life but in a very positive way. It has given me the opportunity to have a steady job for years and meet awesome people. It’s fantastic.

How is your relationship with the paparazzi?
I don’t have a negative relationship with paparazzi. They never bother me in my personal life, I only see them when I’m filming and they are simply interested because of my work.

What has your experience been like filming with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow?
I finished filming a movie last month. It as a fantastic experience. Gwyneth “is Gwyneth”, an incredible actress and a very genuine person, very “cool”. The movie is about a country music singer and my character is a fan of hers. But when she gets to meet her she finds out how she is and her feelings towards her change, she is not as perfect as she had imagined.

In the internet there are a bunch of rumors, including a relationship with Robert Pattinson, How do you deal with these kind of speculations?
In reality I don’t pay much attention. You can’t control everything they write about you, the only thing I can do is concentrate on my work and stay true to my own style and my personality and I try to not let it affect me in a positive or negative way because if its negative you feel horrible and if its positive it can get to your head. I prefer to be around people who tell me the truth.

How much longer are you going to be playing Blair?
We have done the 4th season and we all have a contract for 7 years.

Are you worried about interpreting the same character for 7 years?
No I don’t fear getting type casted in this character because my role is changing and I don’t get bored. Also it allows me to live in the city which I like and this role has allowed me to grow, and learn which is what I really like.



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