Afterthoughts: It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad World

What to say about this episode? It was somewhat better than the last one but at this point I’m willing to take anything that GG is willing to give me. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Well onward to with this thoughts mine:

Chuck: Sadly he had to go in his on category because he had a grand total of 3.5 scene (I think) with Blair, and none were like epic. EXCEPT for the part where we found out that he got Blair in Columbia (by accident?). Like Chuck you big softy and then there was that stare. I love Chuck/Lily, To see Chuck hurting for Lily, it just goes to show you that Chuck cares because Chuck will always care. And he’s yes he’s doing some inappropriate things with call girls but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

Blair: You know you hit rock bottom when you get advice from Nate or Serena, right? Just kidding. I like the Nair friendship, NOTICE I said friendship, that’s it. And even then it’s just barely. Ugh, those two girls from Columbia way to stay stuck on the high school routine.

Ok so quick questions: Will we be seeing the NYC minions? Or will be seeing those two again? Where is Cameron? Um was Blair’s story plot tonight a filter? Also is the actually GG is still relevant in college?

Van der Woodsen/Humphrey: Team Van der Woodsen lol Will is a complete douche but I like him. I can’t help it. Maybe I’m a sucker for Eric and Serena to finally have that family they’ve always wanted. But the Humphrey have been irking me as individuals and as a family.

Danessa: Vanessa leaving: there was big fight and they made up. That’s all you have to know. I liked them better… wait I have never like them.

Eric: Thank you for bring him. I like angry/happy/confused Eric. Actually Eric is just awesome. I like that he wasn’t ready to accept Dr. VDW back into their lives and I loved the season 2 reference. Ha I caught it! Go back to “Chuck in Real Life” and the scenes between Serena/Lily/Eric/Bart it’s towards the end.

Jenny: Oh shoot I forgot… She shows up on my screen and I can’t help but feel a little peeved because how can she judge Serena? or Blair for that matter (don’t think I didn’t notice) . Although she get a half of a brownie point for telling Chuck about her suspicions. Brownie points taken for not letting Serena bond with her dad.

So next week looks confusing, I didn’t even try to decipher that promo. Too many clips or not enough or them? Anyways I’ll wait for the longer one. I can’t believe GG is almost over for the summer. It was not enough! hehe Serenate? Didn’t make a big enough impact for me to care.



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5 thoughts on “Afterthoughts: It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad World

  1. BASSismyreligion says:

    Agree with you.
    Chuck: he had very few scenes but I liked them, especially the one with Lily. She really looked like his mother, and for me, he considers her as his mom.
    Liked the fact that he applied Blair for Columbia, so that she can say that he still cares about her.
    Sidenote, Chuck was a bit high when B gets in his suite? lol

    Blair: I’m sorry for Blair. She obv went to Nate because now without Chuck, she’s a bit lonely, like she doesn’t know what to do. She should have been really hopeless if she went to him πŸ˜›
    btw, liked what she did, specially at the Gala.

    About VDWs/Humpreys = Please kill Rufus or at least find him a job. He’s a pain in the ass lately, too jealous. I’m team William, even though I know he’s hiding something, and this something is ‘dirty’. I do think that Lily’s cancer doesn’t exist. It was just a way to win her back… I’m really hoping he just made her believe that she’s ill, because I don’t want her to die. Chuck will be loner if she does.

    Eric: Props to Eric! I’m glad he acted that way, he was totally right.
    ITA with you on the last scene, it really looked like the end of 2×07…

    Serenate/Jenny: Jenny is a total bitch! and she acts like a little girl -.- Glad Rufus found out about her drug-dealing thing.
    I was totally with Serena this time on this front.

    Good ep, even if we had only one scene of CB interaction, even their stares are good enough.

    Looking fwd to the next.

    • Oh I’m so with you on the kill Rufus front. No offense to Matthew, but Rufus is so over the top dramatic. I don’t want Lily to die, but I don’t think that Billy would go that far.

      Jenny too, i think when Season 3 restarted I liked her SL but now it’s back to being eh.

      Think I’m actually staring to analyze GG too much, GG overload. I stared to analyze the CB stare and that lead to disastrous results.

  2. Je t'adore says:

    Even if we didn’t get to see much of C this ep, I’m glad we had a great SL for B. I like bitch Blair and I LOVE her friendship with N. Btw, Nate is awesome! Really, really awesome. They “killed” his character in season 2 and this season, Nate has been my 3rd fav. He’s just amazing. And he’s a good friend. Just love him, so, so much.

    Man, Rufus is a jerk. I hate him. When he said “I don’t want him in my house” or smth like that I was like “WTF!!!”. He’s trash, he’s nothing. He lives in Lily’s ap. He did nothing since he moved in with her. He is a MAN-WHORE. He should just stfu and accept whatever bone Lily throws at him. lol Man, I hate him.

    I love Jenny. I mean I hate her but I love her too because she’s the perfect bitch. I hate her so much but she’s interesting to watch. Blair was the kind of bitch you can’t help but to love and to sympathize with, Serena is an annoying bitch, Lily is a bitch-ho (5 husbands, c’mon), Mannessa is a “gtfo my show bitch” but Jenny is THE bitch. But please keep her away from Chuck (romantically speaking).

    Dan and Mannessa so boring, don’t even remember their SL this ep. ugh

    I love Eric, don’t have enough words to describe.

    And Chair has my heart. B knows C better than anyone and vice versa. She knows what to say to him to get him to do the right thing (Lily and Chuck plot – B is the one that convinced him to get past his fears of loosing Lily). He knows what to do to make her happy, even if she didn’t talk to him about it – the Columbia plot. If they will fuck them up like they did D/S, I’ll be pissed.

    I love your recap M, thank you so much for doing it. I can’t believe season 3 is almost over either. But I’m glad we’ll wait for season 4 together, it’s such an honor to know you and to share with you girls my Chair love. ❀ you girls

    • Nate is heck of alot better than the previous two scenes. I’m still touchy over Nair. They, meaning Stephanie and CO traumatized me after last season.

      LOL About Rufus. DV, see I’m trying understand their angle as couple and so far it’s just been a mess. A huge ugly mess. Just think of it like the time I tried to say something nice about hoboJess *shudders*

      Thanks, np I actually really enjoy writing them. Yes, we will get through this drought together along with the blog πŸ™‚

  3. mimi says:

    i only pay attention to chuck and blair scene..
    and yay for columbia. blair is so bitchy at the end and in this ep she was so funny. oh i love leighton. πŸ™‚
    and for chuck sent the application it proves that whether they are separate or together they never cease to make us feel heartfelt for them. awe they’re obviously belong together. and chuck only listens to blair advice, not nate.. not serena. yay !
    and as for the other..
    serena is so fucking annoying.
    jenny is frigging bitch.
    rufus is whiny adult.
    fuck them.

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