Season Finale first still: Chuck &…

Chuck looks like a priest here, lol. G looks worried.
Maybe G asks Chuck to help her plot against Dan and it turns out that is against Blair too?

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4 thoughts on “Season Finale first still: Chuck &…

  1. Je t'adore says:

    ewww, that ugly wig is ruining G’s style. I love her but that hair has to go.

    I agree about Chuck lolz.

    But I like this, a CG hook up? Bring it. The drama.

    • BASSismyreligion says:

      If C&G sleep together I won’t be that angry like I would be if CJ sleep together, but still. This would make me sick. Hoes are a thing, G is another.
      If they sleep together B will surely find out and will be another reason to not forgive him…

  2. fern18 says:

    nooooo!~ I don’t want CG hook up!
    I hate her blonde hair, it makes her look … I don’t know ‘weird’ and not fit her character at all.

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