More Stills from 3×22

From how Chuck is ‘dressed’ in pic #2, hope B didn’t find him with someone we’ll surely hate if is a regular/recurrent character (Jenny or Georgina)…


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7 thoughts on “More Stills from 3×22

  1. Je t'adore says:

    Yes, Chuck def. slept with another woman, probably G. Better G than J but this still makes me sad. Look at poor B in the 2nd still. 😦 This breaks my heart.

    • BASSismyreligion says:

      Yes, but we were prepared.
      I was prepared for the worst, actually.
      These photos lead me to another theory *wtf* I’ll tell you on msn when we’ll talk 😛

  2. mimi says:

    this pic can mislead us. i don’t buy it if chuck’s gonna sleep with G. i prefer him to sleep with random hooker.

    • BASSismyreligion says:

      Me too. Maybe they only want us to believe that he actually sleeps with G. We know that psycho is capable of a lot of creepy things just for revenge…

  3. mimi says:

    is blair wearing sparkling ring on her lefthand ???
    take a look people.
    usually she wore her ruby ring in her right hand.
    maybe it’s engangement ring?

  4. mimi says:

    ups sorry my faul. i mean the ring on her right hand looks bigger than usual.

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