More “Date Night” Stills and a Photoshop fail

Date Night is a good movie and we’re happy Leighton got to work with actors like Tina Fey, Steve Carell and Mark Whalberg. It’s a good move for her career.

As far as her personal life goes, we all know she recently broke up with her bf, Sebastian Stan. What you may not know is that she might be dating Robert Pattinson. Or so they say. You can read about the hook up HERE.

I don’t really want to talk about this because I don’t think it’s true. But in case you see the picture we will post, don’t be so quick to believe the rumors. The picture is obviously photoshopped. And here is the proof:

S is hotter. And he doesn't look like a sleezball.


About Je t'adore

I'm Cath but you can call me C. I graduated from University a few years ago and I have a degree in English and French lit. I write but I don't consider myself a writer, I've yet to let go of all my inhibitions and explore human nature. Maybe one day, when I'm grown up enough. CBthePP is a safe haven for me and one of the things I'm most proud of because it has given me so much and because I get to share it with so many wonderful people, including our readers.

4 thoughts on “More “Date Night” Stills and a Photoshop fail

  1. purplebass says:

    When I saw L’s dress I connected the candid with Sebastian.
    Poor magazines that don’t know what to write…

  2. mimi says:

    stupid magazine and poor photoshopped. i don’t thing her breakup rumor was true. i read in nypost that seb and leigh are spotted strolling hands in west village.

    • Je t'adore says:

      I know the nypost reported they were spotted together and I’m very happy they are still friends. But sadly, Leighton’s ppl gave an official statement saying they broke up. 😦

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