Afterthoughts: The Unblairable Lightness of Being

This episode was interesting to say the least. I was truly heartbroken and it just crush me. Amazing none-the-less.


Blair/Chuck: Too depressing for words. I mean Chuck was trying but ultimately what he did was sell Blair out. I don’t hate Chuck, really don’t. He wanted to be with Blair, but I think he really needs to fight for her. And one measly wedding won’t cut it sorry. The last scene for Chuck  was a big character regression.Like whoa 5 steps forward and 4 steps back. Blair was by far the most depressing character this episode and could you really blame her? Dorota and Blair moment… EPIC. Oh did anyone love the dream in the beginning? At first I thought it was Blair, but I love how it was totally Chuck’s dream lmao.

Did anyone else think that Eleanor/Cyrus/Dan/Blair moment talk about random as hell. Like Dan so does not belong. Dear GG writer’s don’t force to like Dair. One word: Eww

Dorota/Vanya and Cyrus/Eleanor: Vanya speech? Uh-freakin’-mazing. It was like the best amount of fluff.And the wedding was so perfect. And the apartment from CE. I loved seeing the maids from the Dorota web-episode.

Serenate,Nenny, and Scarater: I loved Chuck comment on how’s Nate and Serena’s biggest problem was who’s hair is shiner lol. Serenate finally has some drama and to be honest Nate was really harsh on Serena. If he loves her like he claims to do so (but then again he loves ALL his girlfriends) than he should have trusted her point blank. I love how in every major relationship his been in he wants to prevent them from seeing someone. Jenny is like a mini-psycho. She getting kind of scary and annoying.SHe needs to buy herself a clue and leave Nate alone or at least find some who actually idk likes her. SCarter… Ok part of me was thinking about last fall, then I stopped when I realized that Barbie needs her Ken.

Dan: Geez when did I stop caring about him? Probably around the same time he left St. Judd? Or when he started NYU? Or when he started dating Vanessa? Or did I ever really care about him? Oh Vanessa-less episode.. thank you 🙂

Eric/Elliott/ Girlfriend (?): Elliot bi? Ok? Couldn’t let Eric have some fun, that they had to include the girlfriend? Like I said bring back Jonathan, he was Eric’s better half. Stupid Jenny.

Anyways the promo for next week: Misery loves company, ’nuff said. Poor Serena, she trying to find her father Jenny, not sleep with Carter. But seeing how she only thinks of herself… Oh Taylor Momsen is gonna be absent for the first couple of episode for the next season, reasons? Don’t care. lol


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One thought on “Afterthoughts: The Unblairable Lightness of Being

  1. blairwaldorf09 says:

    urgh the moment that Chuck touched that skank..episode was over for me. Like really. Blair dancing with Dan EWWW. I swear I might need to smack somebody now..I’m totally not watching it on television now (I watched it online). Just the whole episode was a fail except the Dorota/Vanya, Cyrus/Eleanor moments and of course the Dorota/Blair moment was ADORABLE.

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