Episode 3×19 Stills

Okay, now a lot of Chair fans are mad at his character, but seeing this still you can’t help by squeal OMG!

Till now no stills of Blair. Wonder where she is, she is supposed to be there.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 3×19 Stills

  1. I’m not mad at Chuck and I don’t hate him either (like other CB fans). I love this Chuck more than Chuck in season 3 pre ep. 17. The reason is that what Chuck did to Blair is so like him and I hated how he acted this season, I felt like he’s not Chuck anymore. I do side with Blair but I don’t hate Chuck.

    And bb, I love what you did with the blog, that picture in the right corner looks amazing. Good job on the twitter 2, you are the queen.

    P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be on msn, hope we’ll talk. ❤ Kisses to M and I 2.

    • purplebass says:

      Is difficult to explain here, my idea changes everytime I thought about the situation (I’m too lunar, I know :P).

      The fact that womanChuck &bad boy Chuck maybe is coming back to the UES is making me both happy and sad.

      Happy bc that was the Chuck I came to worship, but sad because maybe Blair could discuss all their relationship bc of this return to the origins?

      Btw I’m happy you’ll be on msn after weeks, & what I did for here and twitter is just because I like it 😀

      As you see, I’m still posting stuff 😀
      Hugs & kisses!

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