Afterthought: Inglorious Bassterds

I really don’t know how to begin this because really the episode was IMO a cross between amazing and eh. I’m actually torn between the two. Normally I say it’s either one or the other but it is really both. I’m gonna try and keep this short and to the point because I’m still reeling in from tonight’s episode. I do have to point out that I didn’t read the Canadian spoilers or anything that might have happen in this episode.

Anyways onward with this thoughts of mine 🙂 I have to do Chuck and Blair and Jack last.

Jenny: How do you go from being an awesome character to being annoying? Like I really tried to like Jenny in this episode but she came off kind of clingy and rather annoying. Nate’s taken move on. I wanted to be on Nenny’s side for a bit seconds, but I don’t root for them friends only please and thank you.

Nate: Clueless wonder… I mean is there anything left to explain? Serena really does look a heck of a lot a smarter than you. Btw I hope he told Serena about the kiss with Jenny becasue this could blow up in his face. Did anyone else care that they finally realized Nate’s b-day?

Serena: She gets her own because I almost felt sorry for her, but then again I almost didn’t care that she worked so hard to make Nate’s b-day the best ever.

Danessa: I actually sort of kind of paid attention to them. There plot was pretty predictable and not important by any means. But if you truly think they matter the only think to pay attention to is the end which is the only “shocking” thing and probably the “most exciting” these two will ever get.

ERIC: You would not believe the smile on my face when Eric showed up and as always get one liners. The new man looks nice, Elliot right? But I have to say I miss Jonathan. I want to say I see a triangle in the near future but it doesn’t seem like it. *cross fingers* Bring Jonathan back. 😦

Dorota: Oh how adorable was she when she had the guns in her hands? And Vanya proposing? I almost cried of joy even though I knew they were getting married. But still the fact that I care more about the doorman/maid more than Danessa amazes me. Not really.\

Chuck/Blair/Jack: At the mist of all the other crap their triangle-ish plot was heartbreaking.Blair would do anything for her man and Chuck knew that and used it against her? That basstard, like of all the shady thing that Chuck has done–to Blair to himself– this was just cruel.I admit Blair has done something that make her look like the “bad guy” but Chuck was just… And then he acts like everything is gonna be ok? I glad Chuck things so becasue I don’t how forgiving Blair will be.All for a hotel That’s gacho (1)! Jack actually did Blair a favor in a small way, I mean you really have to think about it. Jack baffles me and I hope we see him in the LONG distant future Like never?

BTW when do Chair break up or was Blair’s goodbye the break up? Cater back! I see another square involving Nate once again.


(1) Gacho – a Mexican phase use to describe something that is messed up and wrong


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