Afterthoughts: 16-Year-Old Virgin

Last week I was feeling a little underwhelmed, but I am happy to say that this week that was not the case.  Out of the current episodes that have been shown, this is by far the best. It had the right amount of angst, fluff, and OMG moments.  Of course this episode had it’s cringy-worthy moments but I can look passed these parts *coughDVandRLcough* . And yes while it may have had some Secret Life (1) moment the the episode was amazing.

Onward on these thoughts….

Chair: They had several points the episode where they were going to take it to the next step  but you know GG holds out on them. No surprises there.  I don’t think I cant discuss/complain them on how much lack passion they have in their scene anymore. But they do have this graze and right now I can’t afford to be picky. Can I say I liked the mini-interaction between Chuck/Jack or Jack/Blair

“Mama Bass”/Jack:  I was like this two are together and they are gonna mess up poor Chuck, but I have to say last part pure GOLD.  Jack is trying to be innocent and I loved every minute of it plus he’s so sexy, I was like a giddy school girl when he came on the screen.  Ms Elizabeth or Evelyn or whomever this whore-bag is… I want her buried! How dare this person help Jack? Now I’m just venting.

Serenate mixed with Jenny: Together are one big hot mess. The whole ‘I love you’? How times has Serena said that? Or Nate for that matter?  Then then Nate just had to protect Jenny when they barely speak to one another? Or Serena trying to be Blair? And apparently Jenny virginity is EVERYONE’s business. I’m sorry but it wasn’t any of Nate’s business or Vanessa or anyone but her parents and herself.

Oh add on.. Nate calling Serena a slut: priceless. BTW if I have hear the bar story one more time. I mean we don’t hear how Chuck and Blair got together every five minutes. We get it, she dumped you before she went to bordering school let it go and stop holding on to that memory.

Jenny/Damien: I was so ready to ship these two, but the the scene in them in bed was crushing, I was ready to throw something at Damien. That jerk, if there one thing to be learned from this is never let let your guard down around a drug dealer. Truer words have never been spoke. Is wrong that I cheer when D. punched N? Oh Jenny lying about her virginity again, Serena really can’t tell she’s lying.

Rufus and then Lily: I have to put him in his own category because he was that ridicules. To involve the entire UES because your daughter can’t keep her clothes on? Sorry but I was so irked by his parental abilities, ugh. Lily… I wanted to hate her but there was this her-hugging-Chuck-scene and I couldn’t 😦

Oh I almost forgot. Yikes! Dan/Vanessa: Umm… Muted their scenes, they were lengthy, stupid and disgusting. Sorry but if you want to hear more my dislike for the pair as well as the “I’m not wearing underwear” comment… I’m just going to keep my mouth close. I’m just… ew

Eric in Japan? Is pure garbage! But next week looks awesome, so I’m trying not to be excited about it because I figured if my expectation aren’t high then I will be good. If that makes sense.


(1) Secret Life: Secret Life of the American Teenager: A show on ABC Family.


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4 thoughts on “Afterthoughts: 16-Year-Old Virgin

  1. purplebass says:

    I’m a bit disappointed maybe because I read on fanforum what the Canadian people said it happened because there it aired yesterday… And I already made my guesses these months.
    IMO, Jack/Blair/Chuck/*COUGHbitchCOUGH* Elizabeth parts were pretty good, I liked Jack even if he was all angelic the whole episode… I like his Bass-tard side more.
    Besides that, leaving aside DV (disgusting), NS (cute but that scenes belonged to CB), LR (nothing new), JD (c’mon, we knew J wasn’t that dare to do it), I’m disappointed by Chair ‘love’ interaction as always.
    Never more than a kiss or hug (even if they’re sweet).
    Looking fwd, I liked the chemistry between Blair and Jack. The way she always took him for granted and stuff… They coould work, but Blair is Chucks, so nay.

    • I completely forgot that Canadian have the episode before US does. But honestly I’m willing to wait until the episode premieres when it does because GG hasn’t been great or amazing as it use to be. After the last two episodes I was content with this one and like i said I’m done complaining about CB because it annoys me so much.

  2. blairwaldorf09 says:

    I called that BS of it all being a ploy from Jack. When I heard he was coming back I just like guessed it would have something to do with “Mamma Bass” I soo wanted to slap her right there at the end. Though it’s nice to see Ed smile, he always makes me smile. And at the beginning when he was all “I wouldn’t do it in my hotel, to you” it was like aww <3. CB though seriously lacking in hotness, are still epic. So not looking forward to the break up. But oh well we'll have to see where the season takes us. TBH I fast forwarded through most of the episode, except CB parts haha.

  3. Busy week, just watched the episode. I liked it, it was entertaining, except of course Danessa and Rufus/Lily (why are they still on the show?).

    I was sure mommy dearest is not a very nice person, I hope she doesn’t get away with it. And uncle Jack, so yummy and so devious. Love it. And if I’m right, Jack will give Chuck the opportunity to regain the hotel. And Chuck will gamble Blair. Remember the “Indecent Proposal” SL?

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