Afterthoughts: The Lady Vanished

This episode could be sum up in one word: Annoying. Whether is was the lack of passion between CB or the episode in general, I could not bring myself to like this episode.  There was something made it cring-worthy and bland. Everything seemed forced… let’s just say GG has seen better days. Even the mama-drama wasn’t that good. Granted the one that was good was her confession to Serena.

On wards on these thought…

Chair: Could they be anymore boring? I loved this couple and I adore how they stand by each other through everything. What make me hate this episode is the simple fact that EVERY kiss is half-ass, every scene (but one or two) is bad. At this point I have no idea where there going with Chuck’s character. I get angsty-Chuck or emo-Chuck is amazing but I’m kind over that. Serious, Chuck is an amazing character to work with but quit with the angst.

Serenate: Whores in the beginning. It’s all fun and games until Serena’s drama rear it’s ugly head. I understand that Serena want the happy ending, but she needed to butt out. I’m glad she over looking for her dad. BUT we all know he comes and pays them a visit, so it’s all moot point. This 2nd half is all about the parents. Nate’s just a pretty face who doesn’t seem to be doing anything but make joke and lean a helping hand.

Denessa: No, I refuse to talk about them. Mostly because I muted the scenes and to be honest their scenes make no sense. The whole “I had too many mojito” business was unnecessary. They kept circling around the issue until they finally slept with each other. Question? Why is that they have more sex scene than Chair? It’s all every Natefusing.

Lily/Rufus: Rufus is like a little kid who is holding a grudge. Let it go… wait you can stay in Brooklyn.

Jenny: Why is it that she and Damien… were the best part of the episode? Now normally I have alot of bad things to say about her character but I don’t. Her plot is intriguing and interesting and most importantly not boring. One thing that did piss me off was the Gossip Girl’s line “You can’t keep a bad girl down” Hello 1×07, I didn’t realize they recycle lines now.

Lovely Dorota/Vanya mention bonus points for that. Next week looks promising, but I’m not holding my breath. And where the flip is Eric?


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7 thoughts on “Afterthoughts: The Lady Vanished

  1. A says:

    There must be a conspiracy over at GG headquarters that is keeping us from having a C/B passionate scene. They are destroying what made everyone fall in love with them in the first place, they were passionate and intense in their feelings and lust for each other. Now all we get is a sweet kiss here and there. I dont know if maybe they have too much chemistry that causes problems since the entire cast is dating. I would like to believe it doesnt interfere, but we all know it does. It also doesnt help that a certain someone is always on set with another certain someone so methinks there might be some watering down. To go from the first C/B limo scene to what we have now is absoutely crazy and not a good way to keep viewers.

  2. blairwaldorf09 says:


    I mean we waited THREE EFFING MONTHS and then we get that teaser of “no talking” and THAT IS WHAT WE GET. That piece of crap? No offense to Ed/Leigh they have epic chemistry but goodness gracious they are killing Chuck and Blair with the idiocies of where the season is going. I swear that when they do break up they better get them back together with that passion and lust we know they can create.

  3. deleightedbitch says:

    E is in Japan looool
    Btw Yeah I totally agree with you….
    CB are really cute i love them but……BOORING! 50 years old married couple c’mon they had sex and what!?!?! They can show us D&V Naked S&N naked but no C&B naked WTF!?!?!

    I love the 15 promo but i don’t wanna get too excited about it you know!…

  4. purplebass says:

    Yeah, that “””sexy””” (we should call even ‘sexy’?) chair scene was so poor!
    There’s something going on there, because until the end of season 2 it was quite good, even the kisses between them, the scenes.
    Now seems like I don’t know, or it’s the poor screenplay, or something happened between Ed & Leigh or, like someone mentioned, maybe there’s the finger of somebody else in that… Nobody can say it.
    By the way, we have 8 episodes left, maybe we’ll have what we want – maybe -…

  5. I love your post because it feels like you said everything that I’ve been meaning to say. And I completely agree with A, something is going on on set and it’s messing with Chair.
    I hope the ep. left will make up for this poor season.

    And E is in Japan? Meah, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this season, GG sucks lately.

    P.S. I love Jenny’s SL too.

  6. S says:

    Honestly, I loved the episode. Like, really loved it. NJBC was awesome! The only thing I was annoyed about was, obviously, how they cut off CB’s hot scene. But Ed’s smile at the end was so endearing, it totally made up for it! ❤

    • I think for me all of CB cuteness is all fine and dandy but it comes to a point where there’s too much fluff or too much angst. They never seem to balance each IMO. I agree you that NJBC are always good together and Ed is so precious.

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