GG is just around the Corner

In nearly 4 or 5 hours, Gossip Girl will have return to our small screen and all will be well with the world. I hope. I really want Gossip not to suck the 2nd half of this current season.

Here’s hoping that all the talk of CB having more screen time actually happen because I’m not satisfied with them being a sub-plot in the major storylines. So Josh and CO better make due with their promises of epic CB, or else everything they said would be been complete BS. And lets face they don’t have the best track record for keeping their promises *coughCBbreakup*.

Who knows they might prove me wrong which is what I’m hoping for.

Thought before the new episode:

Chair: I just want more screen time with or without the angst. Is that too much to ask?

Serenate… will all they be doing is having sex? I’m not trying to put down Barbie and Ken, but aside from Jenny trying to snatch him away from Serena what else has the pair going for them? Serena’s going to too busy worrying about her father; and Nate’s going to be distracted by Jenny.

Denessa… They didn’t work out as a couple in December and it’s not gonna work in now. But we all know they become the new “IT” couple. It seems that they are still getting people to like Vanessa and Dan. My hope is that they get married and move to Vermont with Vanessa’s estrange parents. Or at least back to Brooklyn because Vanessa and Dan don’t belong in UES.  *cross fingers* PS Vanessa trying to act “sexy” ugh

Jenny … She getting advice from Serena, no wonder she’s not right in the head. And she messing with a drug dealer no less. Jenny’s characters has pretty much been all over the place since season 1, her character has been deformed. It like one minute she’s nice, the next she’s crazy, the next she wants to be a fashion designer, and so forth. Jenny is exhausting to watch. Move over and go away.

Rufus/Lily… Don’t care. I didn’t care back in the first season and I still hold no sympathy for the pair. It’s been 20-some odd years and if they haven’t worked out their difference they never will.

Dorota/Vanya… Amazing! ‘Nuff said.

Eric… more please and thank you!

In all honestly, I haven’t been excited as I should have been. I blame this stupid three month hiatus, work, Glee, Vampire Diaries, and Make It or Break It, and life.


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5 thoughts on “GG is just around the Corner

  1. Bb, you said it all. I completly agree, I just want more Chair. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see the new ep. tonight. Will you do a recap? Magnificent post as always.

  2. purplebass says:

    Ditto on this! LOL.
    I only care about C&B and the mistery of the woman.
    I think I’ll enjoy the NS parts too, even if I’m moody about them.
    Let’s hope it will be good.

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