Leighton + Penn and Zuzanna on set – March 1st

Okay, pics of Leigh with Penn does not mean that we’ll have DAIR.
From people that were on the set yesterday I read that they were filming a scene where Blair got mad at Dan after he told her something (maybe about Chuck) and that Dorota and an ‘hottie’ were there with them.
As you can see from some pics, looks like Dorota is not feeling well – maybe the baby is coming? – and they are there casually maybe to bring her to the hospital, who knows.
By the way, enjoy the pics 🙂

The faces that Penn does makes me laugh XD

So cute! There’s nothing wrong in this outfit.

Seems like B is mad and Dan wants to tell her not to be angry… mmm

What’s happening to Dorota? That’s why I think the baby is on the way.

Who’s this guy? Hope not a Chuck’s replacement. Maybe a fake boyfriend?


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5 thoughts on “Leighton + Penn and Zuzanna on set – March 1st

  1. S says:

    ugh Dair. I mean, I like their scenes together, but its so obvious its not romantic! People are so delusional. Penn and Leighton are cool though. 🙂

    And fake bf isn’t so bad.. I love jealous Chuck!

    • purplebass says:

      Yes, I think the dair scenes we’ll get to see are maybe kind of alliance against Georgina like in 1×18.
      I don’t see romance in their acts, just anger in Blair

  2. A says:

    I dont even think in the least they are about to do dair when they are just now doing d/v. one can only hope.

    • purplebass says:

      I think so. I know they wanted to explore other pairings, but I don’t see this happen.
      I mean, Dan told V he loved her in the last episode aired, and this is 2×22, B&C maybe broke up not so long before that thing pictured so I think she still loves C (even if maybe they’re not together) and D still likes V.
      Here I just see someone who’s telling something not so likeable for the other…

  3. Forget Dan, that guy next to leighton/blair is kind of hot. But he’s gonna be another fake bf for Blair because Chuck’s gonna need a wake up call. Oh love D, she has the best lines next to Eric.

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