Ed @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010, Spoilers and Shout-Out

Spoilertv posted some new Gossip Girl spoilers and we’d like to know what you think about them. SOURCE

Sarah on Gossip Girl- Are chuck and blair really going to break up?

Yes but it’s not the end of their relationship for good.

Sarmini on Gossip Girl- How long will Nate and Serena last?

Alot longer than most of Serena’s love interests.

Sebastian on Gossip Girl- Pleas! I need a scoop of Dan&Vanessa y Nate&Jenny!!!

Dan and Vanessa are Gossip Girl’s new “it” couple. Nate’s main love
interest for the rest of the season is Serena despite Jenny’s
attempts to get in the way.

I love the Chair spoiler. As you know, we predicted that the infamous break-up will not be the end of Chuck and Blair as a couple. I hope Serenate will last longer because they could be a great couple, you know you love Barbie and Ken. But Dan and Vanessa the “it” couple of the show? That seems like a joke because, let’s face it, the characters are a big fat joke.

And to conclude, we want to thank enunciiate for giving us a shout-out in her new GG youtube discussion.

You can subscribe to her (if you haven’t already) HERE, visit her blog HERE and read her fanfiction HERE.


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4 thoughts on “Ed @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010, Spoilers and Shout-Out

  1. OMG I โค u!

    First Ed and his gorgous self then Melissa shout out ๐Ÿ™‚ Im at loss of words… I have to go and comment on her vid ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. purplebass says:

    That pinky shirt suits him, and the outfit too was gorgeous.
    He really looked like he was having fun chatting with Hayden and the others and watching the show…

  3. deleightedbitch says:

    omg I love Mel’s FF!! I love you Mel!!! lol
    Spoilers: No comment
    McEddy: I would love to have a ride on your disco stick!!! lol

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