Leighton vs Taylor?

You Decide..

It seems rather odd that that two are being compared to one another more than often these days. If it’s not about there acting abilities—it’s on the singing career, their style, or the attitude in general.

Now I have to admit when it come to Leighton, I’m bias. Mostly because I’ve been a fan of her since GG has started and I absolutely adore her. She a great singing voice, although some would disagree. I love her voice in Drive Thru—a movie that came out way before GG—and in some of the other songs she has sang.

Leighton often comes out looking like a sweetheart in interviews. She had a rough life when she was younger  and was strong enough to over come it. I can admire that. She has everything going for her, plus she’s so humble and seems so down to earth. Her style is bold because she not afraid of trying something new. There are the wow-I-wish- I-had-that-in-my-closet ie 2009 Teen Choice Awards. But of course there are times when I go… well at least she tried ie Costume Institute Gala, New York, 2009. Either ways Leighton was finds and upside to life even when the press isn’t exactly friendly or kind.

So when I hear people bashing Ms. Meester I get slightly offend. And then Taylor is somehow being compared to her?

On Taylor—I don’t hate her, well not completely. On her singing, I like her. She has a rocker-puck thing going for her—two of my favorite music genres/styles. An on stage, I mean the girl can really get the crowd going. I just hope she doesn’t go the same route as Ms. Love. Acting-wise, she can either be the character I hate or the character I could less about. It has to be one or the other, but never both. Currently she is right behind Vanessa (Jessica)  for my least favorite characters on GG. I could go into details but I won’t.

Now on to her “attitude”… Do I really have to go into detail describing this half-witted-moron? No I think her whole persona has changed in the worst possible way. I get it; she’s 16 without a care in the word… But there’s a limit, even for her.  She wants to be taken seriously? Really, when she acting like she’s above it all? Nope sorry Ms. Momsen this is where you fail. Do yourself a favor and grow up.

As for Leighton vs. Taylor it all depends on who you admire more.

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4 thoughts on “Leighton vs Taylor?

  1. blairwaldorf09 says:

    I seriously hate it when people bash Leighton, especially for her style and such. Like her music video, that’s because everyone wants her to be Blair Waldorf. It’s like wtf she’s not Blair Waldorf, so don’t expect her to act like her in real life. Taylor, well Jenny I hate right now, and she’s said some pretty ignorant things that even her age doesn’t excuse her from.

  2. purplebass says:

    I liked Taylor’s style sometimes, but not now.
    Before she was even pretty in some occasions and she wore cool outfits but now she’s exaggerating… I only like her make-up and sometimes her hair… So Leighton wins FTW.

  3. I love this post so much it’s not even funny. I can tell you that I loved Leighton since the pilot. Blake had nothing on her. And I remember back when season 1 was airing, there was this feud between Leighton fans and Blake fans. And I think we all know who won that feud. Now, we have a feud beween Leighton fans and Taylor fans. And I think we all know who will win.
    Leighton pawns Taylor at everything. Acting: Taylor is not that bad compared to Yessica and Blake. But Leighton’s skills are far superior.
    Fashion: Leighton’s choices are not always inspired but I love how she NEVER looks trashy. Taylor on the other hand, looks like she’s a hooker sometimes. And that is not a bad thing lol, if you are not a 16 year old. Same goes for Blake. Put some clothes on Blake, we are tired of seeing your assets. And Yessica. She just looks like a homeless person.
    Singing career: I have to admit, Tyalor’s musical style is more to my liking and I like her stage act, even if she looks trashy. But Leighton has an amazing voice. Of course, she has to work on it more and also on her live performance but she has great potential. And even if I didn’t like “Somebody to love” very much, I adore “Your love is a drug”.
    And I agree about “Drive Thru”, I f-ing love that song and her voice. She was dark and badass. Btw, Penn looked gross in that movie.
    And the most important is that Leighton is not an ignorant bitch like Taylor. I really had nothing against Taylor but since the Haiti thing, I can’t stand her.
    GTFO Taylor!

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